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SHOWNIQ is a free fashion application provides styles in the form of “OOTD cards” that suit you well.💁

Every day there would be 10 OOTD cards were selected from AI Stylist The more styles you see and leave reviews, the more the OOTD card provides suitable styles for you.🌟
Of course👍SHOWNIQ provides 2 search functions so you can easily find the style you want.👐
✔ Search function with filter 
✔ Search function with keywords
Of course👍
To catch fastly the fashion trend👐 SHOWNIQ has a list of Style Ranking.

🔢Outfits ranking will change week by week based on the app's internal algorithm
After finding your favorite outfits, you can chat directly with shop 💬

You can get the exact information (Price, size, delivery) through Chat with Shop function 🛒
SHOWNIQ adjusts outfit recommendations based on user perception and behavior using the app 🎯

If you do not log in or register for a member account, you may not get the best benefits from AI Stylist to catch fastly the fashion trend 😭

Login for free and enjoy 111% SHOWNIQ 😀